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Why Business Resilience?

We would not be here today if our ancestors were not resilient. Ironically, despite our resilient genes, the modern obsession is about dodging adversity instead of embracing it as part of our continuation process for the future generations. This is the reason why some businesses fail. 

The Resilience Mentor proposition is built upon the premise that our life is designed by nature to survive and triumph in adversity. I help entrepreneurs and businesses embrace adversities in their daily business lives and turn them into springboards for an even better future.

As The Resilience Mentor, I up-skill leaders, businesses and teams for robustness. My aim is to contribute to an ecosystem of growing businesses which are sustainable, profitable and impactful. I work with start-ups and scale-ups to solve their urgent problems while simultaneously training their resilience muscles on three levels: founders, team and business.

"The goal is not to simply navigate today's needed changes but also to create a resilient organisation poised for more change, any time."

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Sharp value proposition

Triggering small pivots in entrepreneurs

By leveraging the power of co-entrepreneurialism, I mentor ambitious growth-oriented companies in Europe and in Asia through methodical strengthening of their business model, operational leadership and team resilience.

When I’m not mentoring start-ups and scale-ups founders’ teams, you’ll find me writing on resilience. My goal with my upcoming series of books is to share life experiences, business lessons and actionable tools that trigger small pivots in each and every individual I can impact for the collective greater good.

Resilience is a multifaceted skill that enables business efficiency, profitability and longevity.

My upcoming book

Resilience; Life’s Recipes for Warriors and Winners (working title) will provide you with the inspiration and wisdom into your innate resilience, no matter what life throws at you.

Nina is great strategic thinker with a unique ability to cut to the core of the issue.

Frances Shoemack
Founder & CEO of Abel Vita Odor, New Zealand
We brought Nina on board as a general business advisor during a period of big changes. She has a sound logic, a broad understanding of the global business environment and doesn't shy away from challenging us in order to drive results. All this has had a really positive impact - both on our business as a whole, and our team as individuals. She is great strategic thinker with a unique ability to cut to the core of the issue. I look forward to continuing to work with Nina as our business grows.

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You want to be balance, happy and unstoppable in your business?

Register for our workshop to learn more about and master the mechanics of your EQ (Emotional Quotient) and AQ (Adversity Quotient = Resilience). 

Come and join Illya Sumanto and myself on Sunday 5 June 2022 at 2pm Amsterdam, 8pm Kuala Lumpur!

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