Your Business: Built to Thrive

Need to Ease the Navigation through Growing Pain?

Customised Client-Centric Approach

I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach.

Each business is indeed like a unique DNA sequence—comprising its own special blend of vision, values, and the collective spirit of its people. By tailoring my approach to these unique characteristics, I honour my client’s business uniqueness but also effectively nurture it.

My advisory and execution services are like a bespoke suit with 6 buttons, tailored to your unique needs.

'Little Pivots'

I use my unique methodology, focusing on small, consistent, and adaptable changes to drive significant progress. Small changes, big impacts, less energy.

East-meet-West Fusion

I harness the best of East and West: My life expertise and business experiences create a unique and effective approach for business harmony and pragmatism.

Start where you are

I evaluate the current business process, keep and build on what works, identify strengths, clarify goals, resolve conflicts, and refine the execution plan to drive business growth.

KISS (keep it simple and straightforward)

You are not stupid! I embrace the KISS principle: simplicity over complexity. I specialise in helping resource-limited small businesses, ensuring every piece of advice is actionable and free from unnecessary complexity, saving valuable resources.

Think holistically

Creating a resilient business demands holistic approach. I examine specific complexity, clarify objectives, values, market role, and processes. I strive to integrate resilience across all business components, forming a seamless end-to-end process for your business.

Create value

I see my intervention as a vehicle for delivering impact and maximise profitability. My client-centric approach gravitates around the deep understanding why clients need me. I aim to provide the precise value they require.

The 9 pillars of my uniqueness


I bring my strong entrepreneurial DNA and experiences to each assignment. I share my clients' goals and visions for impact!

East-meets-West Exposure

I bring my intuitive flair and sharpened instinct I've honed with over 20 years in over 40 countries across the globe.

Network Intelligence

I encourage, promote and share my own network intelligence to strengthen my clients' insight and knowledge.

Tri-Layered Focus

I build success by enhancing the resilience of the businesses I serve on three levels: strategy, operations and team.


I provide practical value and assist my clients in an efficient execution that goes beyond slides...

Prioritised Goals

For every assignment, I identify and organise objectives based on the urgency, ROI, value and impact.

Business and Financial Modelling

I translate abstract financial models and build tangible action plans to enhance the performance of the business and investment.

Bespoke Collaboration

I do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. I offer specific one-of-a-kind, purpose-driven services.

Medium-Term Prospective

I go beyond solving immediate problems and achieving urgent goals. I prepare the clients to build businesses that last - call it the next level!

My Service Models

'by-your-side' Service

3 months support

  • Clear business goals with sharp deliverables to build traction
  • Weekly or bi-weekly sessions 
  • 12 to 18 sessions
  • BONUS Templates for Best Practices

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High Impact Co-Pilot Package

Annual Subscription Service

  • Full-on service to equip you with the robust entrepreneur skills for your success and strategic support
  • Customised ‘co-pilot’ service to achieve higher revenue and robust business growth
  • 24 to 36 sessions within 1 year
  • BONUS Complimentary Business Audit
  • BONUS Quarterly Performance Refinement
  • BONUS Templates for Best Practices
  • BONUS International Business/Investor Network Referrals

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Tactical Support & Premier Access Plan

Guaranteed Resources and Expertise for a specific timeframe

  • Services for specific assignments and strategic mission
  • Dedicated resources for strategic needs
  • Direct access to expertise
  • Collaboration scope defined and agreed by both parties 

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Nina led a personal exploration course that I was fortunate enough to take. Her insight and power in that experience showed up in our subsequent work.

Her writing for my executive series is first rate and insightful. She was an excellent guest on my podcast. Additionally, her essay “Fortitude Through Surrender” in my recent book and her subsequent reading in “The Sun Never Sets on Resilience” book reading displays her depth as a writer and significance as a performer.

Dr Watson Jordan

President of the Resilience Initiative, USA

When I was developing my start-up last year and applying for few Accelerator Programs in Malaysia, she mentored me to develop a top notch Pitch Deck. She helped to me to identify what is important to be highlighted and how to understand specifically what is my niche. She is the kind of mentor needed in Malaysia. Open-minded, world-class, professional, pro-active, business-minded, devoted, knowledgeable, experienced, dedicated, creative in whatever she sets her mind to do. Anyone who has a chance to work with her at any capacity will surely benefit from her amazing talent and skills.

Liez Pucher

Founder Meranti Plc, Financial Empowerment Advisor, Malaysia

We had the pleasure of working with Nina who is a top-notch professional with a wealth of experience and insights. Her positive attitude, down to earth nature and expert insights, creates an immediate rapport and respect. She gave us a clear plan at the start of how she was going to help us, helping and guiding us through the straight and narrow, which was just what we needed at the time.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Nina to any C-level execs looking for someone they can trust to guide them on their business journey, no matter what stage they are at.

Like us, you will probably come away having not just found a mentor, but someone you can call a friend.



Proprietary definitions

An experienced senior professional and expert who has been in the seat of his mentees in the past, shares business experiences, successes and failures, earnt knowledge and key learnings. Has an advisory role and is involved in a medium-term, hands-on advisory process. Makes leaders aware of the choices they make, by holding their hands and helping them improve where they are. 

Actionable high impact business advisory with a personal touch by an experienced expert.

An expert with a business focus, part of a temporary special task force, who crafts either strategic or operational solutions he recommends and advises to implement, in order to optimise the overall business and its bottom line.

A professional who is trained to develop others. Improves the individuals in their position of business leader or team manager. Supports, motivates and guides professionals to unlock their potential with personalised questioning and constructive feedback but generally no business advice.

The innate capacity to use and leverage the power of adversity, crisis or tragedy to propel oneself forward through hardship and renew oneself by progressing one small pivot at a time, towards the following phase(s).

The art, jointly mastered by a mentor and the executive founders of a small company – of envisioning the potential and co-building bridges between the current situation and the ideal targeted one, in order to generate/trigger/design commercial success.

Ready to Up Your Game?

Willpower has limits that resilience surmounts.