Embrace the modern necessity of upskilling and reskilling


Sunday 5 June 2022 - 2pm Amsterdam / 8pm Kuala Lumpur

Brought to you by the experts of emotional intelligence and business resilience, this workshop is tailor-made for impact. It is designed for leaders; entrepreneurs, CEO, managers and students of life.

‘Emotional Intelligence’ (EQ) and ‘Adversity Quotient’, better known as resilience, play the pivotal role in the development of well-being. They enhance productivity, boost capacity, improve performance, heighten creativity, increase morale and power elite leadership skills.

Emotions are not hindrances. You should not ignore your emotions nor let them overwhelm you. Use them to improve your power and become unstoppable in life!

In this 2 hours workshop, you will learn how to enhance your

(1) Emotional Literacy

– Enable the growth of self-awareness.

– Architect the psychological safety and empathetic safe space for the normalisation of emotional communication. Eliminate toxic business environment!

– Up-skill and power-up to create trust in business environment which can improve performance and productivity.

(2) Adversity Quotient – i.e. Resilience

– Investigate your own mindset to start building the ‘resilience edge’, to thrive

– Boost your confidence by learning to change the experiences of negative emotions by recognising your strengths

– Learn the practical psychological flexibility technique to feel good regardless of the changes that are happening around you.

– Gain tips for maintaining resilience in business

With the enhancement of your EQ and AQ you could start to creating your “personal resilience plan”.

We look forward to your transformative journey!
Nina & Illya

Why The Resilience Academy?

AQ development

People with higher Adversity Quotients are capable of dealing with different life scenarios. They are higher achievers because they can reorientate and reconfigurate their mental attitude.

Talent economy

Adaptability is a talent you can train and turn into a skill to unlock additional effectiveness and multi-million dollars worth of productivity.

Constance of change

One thing that is constant in life and business is change. Therefore, development of resilience is becoming a champion for success.

Future Events of The Resilience Academy

Your dreams are never oversized when your resilience is well developed!

EQ & AQ - Resilience in Leadership


Join Illya Sumanto and Nina Justin to unleash the power of your EQ and AQ for happiness and success. Be the best version of yourself – be a better leader for yourself and the others!  

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