Collaborate to drive growth

The ecosystem of resilient experts

To glue together different components of resilience, increase effectiveness and reinforce our collective intelligence, I form close collaborations with other experts in different niches. Each expert has been carefully selected. Each of them embodies and shares the same essential values.

Our collective aim is to serve our clients better by (also) addressing different parts of the equation in resilience building from Emotional Qutient, leadership, to financial robustness as well as creativity.

If you believe in collaboration as part of true resilience building and are interested in becoming a Resilient Partner, please email with the subject “partner” or click on the below button. 



Illya is an international educator who specialises in emotional literacy, empathic communication, and therapeutic arts. She is the founder of Empathy For Youth Academy, a virtual school that promotes positive psychology in young people, parents, and educational leaders. Her body of work has been implemented in Senegal, Germany, Qatar, China, the Americas, and Southeast Asia. Currently based in China, she is a doctoral candidate of Wilkes University of Pennsylvania, USA. She just recently published her book, From Me To We, on teaching empathy to children.



Aurelie is a serial entrepreneur with a corporate background. Born and raised in Paris, well travelled and now settled in Amsterdam, she thrives in international environments where personality, drive, boldness and resilience matter more than cultural codes & degrees.
She is a visionary with a creative right brain, a risk-taker who sees opportunities, full pictures and creates frames to catch the dreams before they slip away.
Every resilient brand builder needs an Aurelie!



Coralie embodies business-oriented creativity. She produces intelligent design that benefits the growth of businesses. She translates businesses’ positioning and brand strategies into impactful and rich visual identities – the dream partner of unknown brands ready to become unforgettable.
She graduated in Paris from both the École Supérieure des Arts Appliqués Duperré in textile design and the École Multimédia in multimedia graphics before settling in Amsterdam. Since 2015, she’s been creating visual existence through graphic & web design for entrepreneurial projects led by business owners who want to have a positive impact on the world.