Meet The Resilience Mentor

Hello, Bonjour, Salam!

From Amsterdam to other places in Europe, USA, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia,  I offer tailored mentoring for ambitious entrepreneurs eager to grow profitable companies.

I am known by my clients for enhancing resilience and efficiency with a human touch (we are not AI robots nor machines) and co-entrepreneurial spirit. My support is profound and adaptable, whether remotely or in-person, for visionary founders and teams alike.

Together, we can build
bridges over gaps!

What Fuels Me

My Vision

I aim to be the resilience activator for small businesses, achieving financial success and going beyond that to lay a foundation that thrives in any business climate.

My Mission

I take pride in being the stimulus that amplifies growth across businesses, teams, and individuals. Embracing a ‘co-entrepreneur’ ethos, I’m deeply invested in my clients’ success as if it were my own!

My Ambition

I’m driven to not only boost my clients’ growth and leap beyond their goals but also to secure their lasting success. I empower them to transform challenges into launchpads, fostering resilience through habit.

100% East-meets-West

Raised in Malaysia and educated in the UK, my journey through law degree, professional qualification and masters in publishing, was just the start.

My real valuable education came from working and living in over 40 countries since 1999, immersing myself in the startup and scale-up world.

I’ve launched Video Avatar, Advatar Asia and Riddhi and broke new ground as the only female CEO at Rockstart Accelerator in Amsterdam in 2012, later serving on the ASEAN Rice Bowl Start-Up Awards jury from 2016-2018.

Cooking, baking, and hosting dinner parties fuel my soul, while long-distance running restores it.

I am married to my French best friend, we’re raising two amazing daughters, one of whom set me on my resilience journey eight years ago.

I speak six languages, including the universal language of kindness. I also truly believe in the resilient force within us all.

Whether in life or business, I see success as progressing one small pivot at a time. 

Running your money-making business is like running a marathon. I have trained  and signed up for it. I am all in!

Willpower has limits
that resilience surmounts.

(kinda) cool numbers

The number of books (which keep growing) in my home library
My fastest 10 kilometers run in minutes and seconds
The number of hours on direct flight from Kuala Lumpur to Amsterdam

My personal essence


Friendly, generous and considerate to others and myself. 


Solving problems and generating ideas to make a positive difference.


Taking risks, being confident,  innovative and courageous. Breaking the status quo.


Respecting and fully accepting socially everybody – regardless of race, age, colour, gender, ability and sexuality.


Allowing myself and everyone to be authentic and do one’s best as a way to learn and to practice in order to continue to grow.


True to my own personality, values and spirit, regardless of the pressure that I’m under to act otherwise.


Staying stable and maintaining power on the inside and not needing to control others on the outside.


The hunger and the thirst to constantly learn, do and improve.

My upcoming book


Sometimes, we find ourselves unexpectedly on the unfair and painful sides of life. The real value and opportunities for growth are in these uncomfortable situations. 

Everyone is a warrior and a winner. 

There is no loser.

This comforting book will invite you to bridge the gap between what you strive for and what life has served you. With its recipe for resilience, the list of cognitive and emotional ingredients, it will engage you with your best self. 

Whether you are standing in the eye of the hurricane, alone or lost – it will help you channel the inner warrior in you, feel empowered and less alone in your human experience.

If you are a winner with several feathers in your hat, this book will resonate with your new state of existential strength and awareness. You will feel empowered to take on any challenge and continue to embrace life in all its forms and endless possibilities.

Everyone is a warrior and a winner.
You cannot be a loser unless you give up.

Nina brings an international and worldly experience from her diverse professional background

Jamal Hassim, CEO Bolt Global, UK
Nina brings an international and worldly experience from her diverse cultural and professional background.
She brought her energy and collaborative spirit towards solving business issues to both projects that we worked together on. She delivered the results within a tight timeline, to the brief and within budget. I believe that Nina will always bring game changing energy to any project or mission that she is involved with. It has been a pleasure working with her, and having her now as a friend.

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