AQ: The Ultimate Performance Indicator

An integral parts of success is also dependent upon how one perseveres in times of adversities

AQ is the science behind resilience.

Coined by Dr. Paul Stoltz as the ability of individuals to overcome hardships is labelled as the adversity quotient.

We all know the generic judgement of individuals with regards to his/her/its/their cognitive/intellectual capacity (IQ) and emotional quotient (EQ). These are misguided judgements !

Intelligence (cognitive and emotion) are indeed integral parts of excellence but success is also dependent upon how capable an individual is to persevere in times of adversities. 💪

The good news is, resilience are made of skills you can develop!

🏔 How do you think, manage, direct and endure challenges and difficulties in life?

In my life and work as a business mentor, I have seen these abilities impact how my clients can succeed in their businesses and their personal lives.

😪 Are you a “Quitter”? One who leads a compromised life?!

⛺️ Are you a “Camper” One who is ready to fight up to a certain extent but are not persistent in your effort?!

🧗‍♀️ Or are a “Climber”? A real achiever! ✨

🏆 No matter where you stand and who you are, you can still develop these skills so you can continue to achieve your goals!

If you are curious to learn more about your AQ and see how you can further develop your skills in business and invest in your self-development, you can always reach out to via email 📧

Nina Justin

East-meets-West Business Mentor & Resilience Advocate

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